We can’t say enough about

We can’t say enough about how great Sam is — not only is he a very experienced and talented builder, he’s also just a wonderful person to know and to work with. We feel so lucky that he was available to work for us. We hired Sam to move our kitchen upstairs and lay a hardwood floor. In the process he had to move a gas pipe upstairs, rewire everything, order some missing kitchen components and assist in the design of the new kitchen, and redecorate everything. Sam and his team did an exceptional job from start to finish. Sam worked very hard, staying late and working every Saturday until it was finished, on schedule and on budget (according to a very competitive quote). What we particularly appreciated was not only that worked to the highest standards but also that he was such a good communicator — he always asked us what we wanted to do, always picked up the phone or emailed, and always took the time to make sure we understood each other. He was also very attentive to health and safety issues — we received another quote from a builder who would have buried the gas pipes in the wall, but Sam would never have done that. He made sure everything was as safe as possible. We really valued the sense of complete trust we had in Sam, and this was worth a lot (we haven’t always had good experiences with builders). If you hire him you can be sure that he will do the job to perfection and increase the value of your home. As soon as we can we’ll have him back for new projects.