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Do you need an electrician in Barnet? RZ Building Services has a team of electricians equipped with the experience, knowledge and tools needed to tackle any electrical problem in your local area. 

Electricians provide a wide range of services to maintain the smooth running of the electrics within a property. A few examples of why you might need an electrician include; faulty electrical issues within your home, flickering lights, circuit breakers tripping frequently, complete property rewiring, safety electrical inspections & more.

Working with reliable and qualified electricians is incredibly important as it maintains the integrity of the electrics in your property, giving you peace of mind in the long run. Opting to work with inexperienced, unqualified but cheaper tradesmen could result in work being completed incorrectly, creating issues in the future and ultimately costing more money. 

You can rely on our professional electricians to deliver an outstanding service every single time, with accurate cost estimates, competitive pricing and FREE quotes available 24/7. Call our team today


Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering domestic electrical services in your local area. Some examples of the residential electrical services that we provide include;

  • Installing wiring & lighting.
  • Installing appliances & fixtures.
  • Adding switches, sockets and charging points.
  • Repairing or replacing fuse boxes.
  • Whole property rewiring.
  • Electrical repairs.
  • Electrical testing & inspections.
  • Installing, repairing & maintaining electrical heating systems.
  • Wiring upgrades.
Emergency Electrician North London


If you need an electrician for a new build or for home renovations, RZ Building Services are the best choice. Our Electricians in Barnet can provide you with a helping hand when building your new home by providing you with full wiring installation, full lighting installation, installing all appliances you may want or require, etc. 

If you are having a renovation on your property, rewiring your home may be necessary if the property is particularly old. It is best to know if you require this in the early stages of renovating as it may require the decor of the building to be disturbed and it should be done before your home is plastered and decorated. Our electricians can be part of your renovating process,rewiring your home as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Domestic electrical systems need to be maintained and in some cases repaired to maintain health and safety. It is extremely important to keep on top of this to reduce the risk of something going wrong. 

At RZ Building Services, we understand that it is crucial to be able to work with dependable and efficient electricians that can assist you with maintaining and repairing electrical systems in your home. 

Our maintenance electricians can frequently inspect your property, including appliances, wiring and fixtures to identify any hazards or faults that your electrical system may be having, repairing them to prevent any long-lasting damage. We pride ourselves on being the most experienced and fully qualified electricians in Barnet and surrounding areas.


Electricians may be needed in various emergency situations. Examples include:

  • Urgent repair of appliances.
  • Urgent repair of wiring.
  • For flood damage repair.
  • For emergency installations.

RZ Building Services know that it is of high importance that electrical faults must be fixed as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage and to ensure that you are safe. 

Our rapid team of handy electricians are here for you 24/7 and are available in a matter of urgency, whenever you may need us.


In comparison to regular rescheduled electrical services, costs for an emergency electrician may be higher due to the urgency in which they are needed. The cost of an emergency electrician to visit your property will vary depending on a number of different factors, including but not limited to;

  • The work that is required. Eg, if you are requesting a large job that will take a long time to fix, the cost may be higher than that of a smaller job. 
  • How urgent the work is needed.
  • Travel distance.

An emergency call-out fee will be chargeable following your cost estimate and will be included in your FREE quote.


RZ Building Services have a dependable and experienced team of electricians in Barnet, ready for your call 24/7. Our electricians are completely reliable and can be there whenever you may need us to do the job skillfully and accurately. 

We are the best choice for you in Barnet and surrounding areas, ready with the solutions to your problems. Please call for more information about us and the services we provide. You can also call to book a call out, request a free quote and more!

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